15 Crazy Miley Cyrus Antics That Took The World By Surprise

Miley Cyrus who rose to fame with Disney’s Hannah Montana has turned into a devilish pop star. The singer performer is often in the news for her outrageous acts or moments and there have been innumerable such moments till date. Listed below are 15 crazy Miley Cyrus antics that made the world go WTF.  Her journey from being the Disney princess to becoming a pre matured adult has already taken the world by surprise.

1. The Curious Crotch Case

Crazy Miley Cyrus Antics

Well, it is usual for Miley to grab her crotch during the performances but things went out of control when she actually rubbed her crotch on stage and people even went on to believe that the singer was masturbating in public.

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