20 Facts That May Surprise You About “Taxi Driver”

Robert De Niro stated in an interview before that the 1976 movie “Taxi Driver” had the potential to revive 50 years later. It is still too early to say because we need to wait 11 years to determine whether he is right or wrong. But, so far it is safe to say that the author might be right for this one. It has been said that there are hundreds of behind the scenes information regarding this movie and as a viewer, you really need to dig it up in order to know some facts that may surprise you watching “Taxi Driver”.

1. 20 Facts That May Surprise You About “Taxi Driver” #1: The “you talkin’ to me” line

Remember how Robert De Niro improvised this famous line with a little bit of paranoid monologue? The screenwriter on this scene admitted that he did not include this on the scripts. However, it is really amazing how De Niro use these words perfectly for the movie. De Niro said that he got these words from Bruce Springsteen whom he admired all the time. Probably when the action was playing, this is the first words De Niro remembered on his mind.

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