21 WWE Wrestlers: Where Are They Now? #17 Will Shock You

While having a career in wrestling certainly had it perks, as well as a fat paycheck (if you were risking your life and body for entertainment, you’d be very well paid) It also doesn’t last forever. These WWE stars may have left the ring for a while now, or maybe just recently, but you’ll find that they’ve all been doing something different once you find out what they’re doing now.

1. Scotty 2 Hotty

Like many of his colleagues who have moved on, Scotty was a very promising WWE star. After his days in the ring, he went on to do other things. Just in 2013, he graduated from the Lake Tech Fire Academy in Florida, and now he’s working as a firefighter. Apart from being a firefighter, Scotty (or Scott Garland) has also been trained as an EMT. He still finds the time to wrestle, as he does so on the independent circuit.

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